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Use flightmate.ie to find cheap flights for your next trip. Choose from more than 1,000 travel agencies and airlines. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s for free.

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Use flightmate.ie to find cheap flights for your next trip

flightmate.ie helps you find cheap flight tickets to destinations around the world by comparing the prices of thousands of travel agents and airlines. flightmate.ie lets you plan and monitor trip and flight ticket prices and compare prices and availability. flightmate.ie does not sell flight tickets but it does let you compare and find trips and flight tickets. When you have decided to book a trip or flight you go directly to the travel agent or airline from flightmate.ie.

How does flightmate.ie work?

flightmate.ie has agreements with thousands of travel agents and airlines and when you perform a search you search the flight ticket prices of these travel agents and airlines. We then send them a request for flight ticket price and availability that they respond to simultaneously and you can compare the cheapest and best deals.

Why should you trust us?

The travel agents and airlines that supply flightmate.ie with price and availability information are governed by a contract with us regarding the payment methods they are allowed to use and the requirements we have of their customer services, for them to be connected to flightmate.ie. We operate price comparison services in eight countries, with our users performing millions of searches and bookings every month. Our goal is to help you find the cheapest flight ticket possible and we work only with suppliers who meet our high standards

Price setting

Whenever you perform a search on flightmate.ie a request goes to our suppliers for information on flight ticket prices and availability on the route you requested. The search takes a couple of seconds because we request this information from a large number of travel agents and airlines who must answer our request simultaneously. We require of our suppliers that the results that they present for your search can be booked at the price when the search was performed.

The price of flight tickets is set by what is known as ‘dynamic pricing’ and therefore prices can change very quickly when supply and demand changes. It may also be the case that a trip is sold or disappears during the duration of the ongoing booking process.

When is it cheapest to book flight tickets?

It is impossible to say. The setting of prices varies greatly between the various airlines and routes, depending on season and time. In addition, dynamic pricing causes flight ticket prices to rise and fall, based on supply and demand.

Generally you should book as early as possible and if you find a cheap flight ticket you should book it. Every month millions of price searches are made over our price comparison services that we save and make available via our service. We are often asked how a fare can rise in price just a couple of hours after being searched for. The answer is that the price can rise even faster. Chances are that other users also know that the price is at its lowest and when many users start booking at that price, the price increases.

How do I find bargain bin trips when the prices fluctuate so much?

Make a habit of planning your next trip on flightmate.ie. With our advanced search functions you can plan for and find the cheapest flight tickets and best trips available. Start by searching for a flight ticket and then use our filters and functions such as Price cutter and Price calendar to find the best and cheapest flight. If the price is still higher than you want to pay, enter the price you want to pay in the Price Alert function and it will alert you via email when the price reaches this level. If you would like to share information with your family and friends and let them get access to cheap flight tickets, use the social sharing functions to let them know about your great deal.

  • Use flightmate.ie to find cheap flights for your next trip
  • How does flightmate.ie work?
  • Why should you trust us?
  • Price setting
  • When is it cheapest to book flight tickets?
  • How do I find bargain bin trips when the prices fluctuate so much?