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Routes with Iberia

1 Lima (LIM) Cusco (CUZ)
2 Quito (UIO) Guayaquil (GYE)
3 Juliaca (JUL) Arequipa (AQP)
4 Johannesburg (JNB) Madrid (MAD)
5 Chicago (ORD) Madrid (MAD)
6 Oran (ORN) Madrid (MAD)
7 Los Angeles (LAX) Madrid (MAD)
8 Paris (ORY) Madrid (MAD)
9 Lanzarote (ACE) Madrid (MAD)
10 A Coruna (LCG) Madrid (MAD)
11 Saint Petersburg (LED) Madrid (MAD)
12 Malaga (AGP) Madrid (MAD)
13 Asturias (OVD) Madrid (MAD)
14 Alicante (ALC) Madrid (MAD)
15 Algiers (ALG) Madrid (MAD)
16 London (LHR) Madrid (MAD)
17 Prague (PRG) Madrid (MAD)
18 Amsterdam (AMS) Madrid (MAD)
19 Panama City (PTY) Madrid (MAD)
20 Stockholm (ARN) Madrid (MAD)
21 Athens (ATH) Madrid (MAD)
22 Recife (REC) Madrid (MAD)
23 San Salvador (SAL) Madrid (MAD)
24 Lima (LIM) Madrid (MAD)
25 Santiago (SCL) Madrid (MAD)
26 Milan (LIN) Madrid (MAD)
27 Lisbon (LIS) Madrid (MAD)
28 Lagos (LOS) Madrid (MAD)
29 Santiago (SCQ) Madrid (MAD)
30 Santo Domingo (SDQ) Madrid (MAD)
31 Las Palmas (LPA) Dakar (DKR)
32 Las Palmas (LPA) Madrid (MAD)
33 San Jose (SJO) Madrid (MAD)
34 San Juan (SJU) Madrid (MAD)
35 Madrid (MAD) Lanzarote (ACE)
36 Madrid (MAD) Malaga (AGP)
37 Madrid (MAD) Alicante (ALC)
38 La Palma (SPC) Madrid (MAD)
39 Madrid (MAD) Algiers (ALG)
40 Malabo (SSG) Madrid (MAD)
41 Madrid (MAD) Amsterdam (AMS)
42 Madrid (MAD) Stockholm (ARN)
43 Madrid (MAD) Athens (ATH)
44 Madrid (MAD) Barcelona (BCN)
45 Barcelona (BCN) Madrid (MAD)
46 Madrid (MAD) Bilbao (BIO)
47 Barcelona (BCN) Miami (MIA)
48 Madrid (MAD) Bogota (BOG)
49 Seville (SVQ) Madrid (MAD)
50 Madrid (MAD) Boston (BOS)
51 Madrid (MAD) Brussels (BRU)
52 Madrid (MAD) Cairo (CAI)
53 Madrid (MAD) Caracas (CCS)
54 Madrid (MAD) Casablanca (CMN)
55 Madrid (MAD) Cordoba (COR)
56 Madrid (MAD) Copenhagen (CPH)
57 Tenerife (TFN) Madrid (MAD)
58 Madrid (MAD) Dakar (DKR)
59 Madrid (MAD) Moscow (DME)
60 Tenerife (TFS) Madrid (MAD)
61 Madrid (MAD) Dusseldorf (DUS)
62 Madrid (MAD) Buenos Aires (EZE)
63 Madrid (MAD) Rome (FCO)
64 Madrid (MAD) Fortaleza (FOR)
65 Madrid (MAD) Frankfurt (FRA)
66 Madrid (MAD) Rio de Janeiro (GIG)
67 Tel Aviv (TLV) Madrid (MAD)
68 Madrid (MAD) Sao Paulo (GRU)
69 Madrid (MAD) Granada (GRX)
70 Madrid (MAD) Guatemala City (GUA)
71 Madrid (MAD) Geneva (GVA)
72 Berlin (TXL) Madrid (MAD)
73 Madrid (MAD) Havana (HAV)
74 Venice (VCE) Madrid (MAD)
75 Bilbao (BIO) Madrid (MAD)
76 Madrid (MAD) Istanbul (IST)
77 Madrid (MAD) New York (JFK)
78 Madrid (MAD) Johannesburg (JNB)
79 Madrid (MAD) Los Angeles (LAX)
80 Madrid (MAD) A Coruna (LCG)
81 Vigo (VGO) Madrid (MAD)
82 Madrid (MAD) Saint Petersburg (LED)
83 Vienna (VIE) Madrid (MAD)
84 Madrid (MAD) London (LHR)
85 Bogota (BOG) Madrid (MAD)
86 Madrid (MAD) Lima (LIM)
87 Madrid (MAD) Milan (LIN)
88 Boston (BOS) Madrid (MAD)
89 Madrid (MAD) Lisbon (LIS)
90 Boston (BOS) Chicago (ORD)
91 Madrid (MAD) Lagos (LOS)
92 Madrid (MAD) Las Palmas (LPA)
93 Brussels (BRU) Madrid (MAD)
94 Madrid (MAD) Mexico City (MEX)
95 Madrid (MAD) Miami (MIA)
96 Madrid (MAD) Munich (MUC)
97 Cairo (CAI) Madrid (MAD)
98 Madrid (MAD) Montevideo (MVD)
99 Caracas (CCS) Madrid (MAD)
100 Madrid (MAD) Milan (MXP)
101 Madrid (MAD) Chicago (ORD)
102 Madrid (MAD) Oran (ORN)
103 Madrid (MAD) Paris (ORY)
104 Jerez (XRY) Madrid (MAD)
105 Madrid (MAD) Asturias (OVD)
106 Casablanca (CMN) Madrid (MAD)
107 Madrid (MAD) Prague (PRG)
108 Zurich (ZRH) Madrid (MAD)
109 Cordoba (COR) Rio de Janeiro (GIG)
110 Cordoba (COR) Madrid (MAD)
111 Copenhagen (CPH) Madrid (MAD)
112 Madrid (MAD) Panama City (PTY)
113 Madrid (MAD) Santiago (SCL)
114 Cusco (CUZ) Juliaca (JUL)
115 Madrid (MAD) Santiago (SCQ)
116 Madrid (MAD) Santo Domingo (SDQ)
117 Madrid (MAD) San Jose (SJO)
118 Madrid (MAD) San Juan (SJU)
119 Dakar (DKR) Las Palmas (LPA)
120 Madrid (MAD) La Palma (SPC)
121 Dakar (DKR) Madrid (MAD)
122 Madrid (MAD) Malabo (SSG)
123 Moscow (DME) Madrid (MAD)
124 Madrid (MAD) Seville (SVQ)
125 Madrid (MAD) Tenerife (TFN)
126 Madrid (MAD) Tenerife (TFS)
127 Dusseldorf (DUS) Madrid (MAD)
128 Madrid (MAD) Tel Aviv (TLV)
129 Madrid (MAD) Berlin (TXL)
130 Buenos Aires (EZE) Madrid (MAD)
131 Madrid (MAD) Quito (UIO)
132 Madrid (MAD) Venice (VCE)
133 Madrid (MAD) Vigo (VGO)
134 Madrid (MAD) Vienna (VIE)
135 Rome (FCO) Madrid (MAD)
136 Madrid (MAD) Jerez (XRY)
137 Madrid (MAD) Zurich (ZRH)
138 Fortaleza (FOR) Recife (REC)
139 Frankfurt (FRA) Madrid (MAD)
140 Rio de Janeiro (GIG) Madrid (MAD)
141 Sao Paulo (GRU) Madrid (MAD)
142 Mexico City (MEX) Madrid (MAD)
143 Granada (GRX) Madrid (MAD)
144 Miami (MIA) Barcelona (BCN)
145 Guatemala City (GUA) San Salvador (SAL)
146 Miami (MIA) Madrid (MAD)
147 Geneva (GVA) Madrid (MAD)
148 Guayaquil (GYE) Madrid (MAD)
149 Havana (HAV) Madrid (MAD)
150 Munich (MUC) Madrid (MAD)
151 Montevideo (MVD) Madrid (MAD)
152 Milan (MXP) Madrid (MAD)
153 Istanbul (IST) Madrid (MAD)
154 New York (JFK) Madrid (MAD)